Friday, May 13, 2016

NEW COVER for Carlie Simonsen's Legacy of Hope

We've just approved the cover for Carlie Simonsen's next chapter book in the Wheelchair Adventures series - this one a contemporary tale of hope with a touch of romance - Legacy of Hope.

Legacy of Hope Ebook Cover
Legacy of Hope PoD Cover

Sean is finally home, but everything he hoped for is gone. As far as he can tell, his life is over. His dreams of becoming a garden designer seem done, because he can’t dig or weed. He can’t see how he can be of any use in the School Gardens Program, he used to help to run. And he can’t kick a ball, or ride a skateboard, so how can he continue to be the buddy of a boy who loves to do both? And as for his girlfriend, Angelica… well, Sean feels he has no choice but to send her away. After all, she’ll be better off with a guy who can walk, won’t she? Unfortunately, Angelica and his little buddy Brian have other plans. They just need to get Sean to see that he’s not so useless after all…

Legacy of Hope is a teen to young adult story about how Sean learns to cope with losing his ability to walk, and to see that there is still might be a way to do the things he loves. But even the strongest person needs a little help to learn to hope again.

Legacy of Hope is the second book in the Wheelchair Adventures series, which is based around young people getting their wheels underneath them, after they find themselves in wheelchairs.

NEW RELEASE: Rocky Touches Down by Carlie Simonsen

Book 5 in the Otherworld Adventures series - Rocky Touches Down - has now been released on Smashwords, and will shortly be available from the CreateSpace store, DriveThruFiction, Kobo, OmniLit and via Draft2Digital distribution.

Rocky Touches Down PoD Cover
Rocky Touches Down Ebook Cover

When Rocky finally reaches Tallona, he crash lands. The cargo pod carrying his beloved pony Tank is dropped in, and radio communications are lost with the colony and the space ship. To make matters worse, there is a pack of velociraptors nesting right near the crash site. With help a long way away, someone has to reach the horses and set them free, and the only way to stop his little sister from trying to do just that, is to go himself. Can Rocky sneak out of a dropship full of adults, reach the horses, and then get to the colony before the raptors eat him? With the help of the alien girl, Elita, he can only try.

Rocky Touches Down is the fifth book in the Otherworld Adventures series, which is set around Rocky’s journey to the world of Tallona, where his parents will farm alongside the aliens who have asked them for help.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

NEW RELEASE: C.M. Simpson: Short Work from 2014, Vol. 2: Science Fiction

We've just released the second volume of C.M. Simpson's collection of short works from 2014 on Smashwords, in all formats.

What's it About?

A collection of flash fiction, short stories, poems and essays where science fiction explores future possibilities and tragedies, where hopes and dreams are held and lost, and where cyberware stands alongside shapeshifters and starships. The poems here either explore these futures, or are written as though they were created by someone in those futures. This is the realm of the starborn and starbound, and of futures that might never be.

Where can you find it in Print?
At the moment you can find the print-on-demand (PoD) at the CreateSpace store in both mass market and large print versions, but it should also be available on Amazon soon, as well.